Driving around the Western Cape

After reviewing our options for some time it was pretty clear how important it was to us to be as flexible and spontaneous as we can. Public transport and taxis without a baby seat, can be very adventurous and entertaining though.

We decided to rent a car by Avis nonetheless.
Not too many requests. 5 doors and a baby seat should do it.
Paying around 25€ a day total with cheap gas prices in comparison was a great deal to us, especially when you regard how much time you save by not waiting for buses, trains etc. Of course you get stuck in traffic every now and then but its nothing compared to the freedom you have, when you can choose where to go, whenever you want.

Actually it was our first time renting a car and did not regret it for a second.

A minibus Taxi creating his own lane.

The roads are great and everything is well connected.

Within 30 minutes you can go to different places and easily spent the entire day outside, hopping from one magnificent sight to another.

But mostly the views you get from driving around the western cape are so spectacular, it becomes a challenge sometimes not to look and focus on the road.

My wife got used to commands of „quick, take a photo of this or that!“. But she knew why. I would have loved to just sit back sometimes and admire the absolute beauty of the vastly changing scenery you get with every turn of the road.

Obviously we did not use taxis, ubers or public transport so I won’t be able to comment on that but I heard Uber is apparently the first choice to many locals. And the busses looked very safe and modern.

I dont know if I would ever try these so called Mini-Taxis. They are locally operated companies getting up to a douzen people from a to b.

It is very inexpensive and time is money. And that is exactly how they behave on the road.

You could get shocked a little bit how they just switch lanes or u turn within an instant, but after driving for a few days you get used to it. They will appear in your rearview mirror and let themselves be heard and felt.

To finish this one up, I have to point out again, I have never felt unsafe, unsure or uncertain about driving around Cape Town. There is a lot of police presense and if you use common sense, it is an amazing place to drive and admire the beauties of the Western Cape in all its varieties.

Being honest, I felt much safer in Cape Town than driving in peak hours around Berlin 🙂

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Why Cape Town?

Before we finalized our decision to visit Cape Town, we brainstormed for hours with certain criteria’s on our mind, regarding our next destination.

One, our daughter did not turn 2 yet. So the seat price on long haul flights would still be very affordable for her.

And two, we wanted to make it count and go for a big journey, since our student life with a kid does not allow us to make to many trips during the year.

You really don’t want to waste that window, where you can freely travel with your family.

Throughout the years we travelled a lot of countries and continents but have never been to Africa before, plus this would have been our first big journey with our daughter. So it just had to be special.

Cape Town seemed ideal with its great infrastructure, pristine beaches and delicious cuisine.

Plus, instagram posts absolutely blew us away. The views, the people, the food! THE FOOD!!

It pretty easily convinced us.

Things that are absolutely priceless are spectacular views and a mood that goes with it. Something you will always connect to that certain place. Cape Town offered that in so many varieties.

But there was one video on YouTube in particular that convinced me to make my final decision by Jubril and his friend Danielle of PassportHeavy. If you consider going to Cape Town, this is a must. They also have a dope visual video that will blow you away.

Coming from Germany meant no Jetlag. This was a big pro.

We also put this in perspective when booking our flight. You really did not want to land in the middle of the night, somewhere in turkey to change the plane, in order to save some bucks but derail our daughters nighttime.

So we invested a little more and chose Swiss airlines, also meaning the shortest connection from Germany to Cape Town with just a quick stop in Zurich.

And well, they also offered Swiss cheese during the flight. Booked.

The arrival in Cape Town is fast, well organized and it’s easy to locate everything around the airport.

It probably took us 45 mins tops from the moment we landed, to go through customs, get our luggage and start the engine of our rental.

But please note, if you travel with your kids, do not forget to bring along an original birth certificate. You are required to, in order to enter the country.

Stay tuned as I will post more about our journey to Cape Town.

Next will be:

How we got around in Cape Town !

If you like to see some of the photos I took check my Instagram

Or for motion picture check my YouTube


I remember discovering my passion for travel when I was around 18 years old and visited New York for the very first time.

After that I soon used almost every penny and spare time to visit as many places as I could along with my girlfriend.

10 years later the girlfriend is now my wife and mother to my beautiful daughter. The joy and passion of traveling is the same as it was within my 18 year old self. Maybe even bigger.

Thank you for letting me share my journey.